Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have said many a time..............

I have said many a time, and I’ll say it once again
Though I move upon this path, another my path maintain.
Behind the veil parrot-like, I am trained and entertain
I repeat what the Master has taught me and had me retain.
If I am a thorn or rose, adorn the grass, it is vain
To think I can grow without the nurturing hand and rain.
O friends, do not think I am heartless and insane
In search of a connoisseur, I am a gem of unique grain.
Though wine with my colorful robe causes many pain
I will not fault the elixir that washes every stain.
The lovers’ laughter and cry many layers do contain
At night I compose, and in the morn cry out my gain.
Hafiz said, from breathing in dust of the tavern do refrain
Fault me not, this is the way that this aroma I regain.

Shahriar Shahriari,Los Angeles, Ca,April 2, 1999

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