Sunday, September 13, 2009

Iranian Traditional Sweet======Gaz

Gaz is one of the Persian traditional candies which are unique in the world for its special materials. Isfahan (historical city of Iran) is famous for Gaz. The name given to Persian Nougat using the sap collected from angebin, a plant from the tamarisk family found only on the outskirts of Isfahan.
The color of Nougat is white it soft and crisp...sweet (like Persian language & Iranian people) but it does not irritate the throat…
Ingredients of Gaz:
Pistachio, almond, rose water,saffron,honey...
This combination of ingredients gives gaz its different flavour.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nowruz (Iranian new year)

Nowruz just like "Eid-Ul-Fitr" for Iranian, They cheerfully celebrate it. It occurs on March 21. The Iranian people set a beautiful "Haft Sin" table at this time, can't forget it, such a wonderful scene.
They decorate the haft sin table with seven items:

  • Apples -----symbolizing beauty and health
  • Vinegar -----symbolizing age and patience
  • Garlic -----symbolizing medicine
  • Mirror -----symbolizing cleanness and honesty
  • Candles -----enlightenment and happiness
  • Coins -----representative of wealth
  • Wheat -----symbolizing rebirth

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

نديدم خوشتر از شعر تو حافظ به قرآنى كه اندر سينه دارى

I have never seen any poetry sweeter than thine, O Hafez,
I swear it by that Koran which thou keepest in thy bosom.

Translation by: Edward Granville Browne

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Hafiz-e Shirazi

Born : 1310-1325 a.d.
Place: Shiraz, in South-central Iran
Name: Shamseddin Mohammad
Died : 1390, Shiraz at the age of 69.
Poetry: Divan-e-Hafiz (500 ghazals, 42 Rubaiyees, and a few Ghaseedeh's)

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Here is a list of some selected poems :

Don’t separate from me..............
I have said many a time..............
Rose petals let us scatter............
Ask not what sorrows for love ...........
O heart, the pain of love burned ..........

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Don’t separate from me..............

Don’t separate from me, thou dearer than my eyes

Solace to my soul, calmer of my heart’s cries.

Lovers cannot reach the hem of His shirt

Their shirt of patience, with shreds dignifies.

Let not your fate and lot, mishaps for you devise

In ravishing the hearts, you win the highest prize.

O preacher of creed, you forbid me this love

I forgive your errs, you have not seen the Wise.

Why would the Beloved, Hafiz criticize

Exceeding the bound, ardently denies

© Shahriar Shahriari,Los Angeles, CaA,pril 6, 1999

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I have said many a time..............

I have said many a time, and I’ll say it once again
Though I move upon this path, another my path maintain.
Behind the veil parrot-like, I am trained and entertain
I repeat what the Master has taught me and had me retain.
If I am a thorn or rose, adorn the grass, it is vain
To think I can grow without the nurturing hand and rain.
O friends, do not think I am heartless and insane
In search of a connoisseur, I am a gem of unique grain.
Though wine with my colorful robe causes many pain
I will not fault the elixir that washes every stain.
The lovers’ laughter and cry many layers do contain
At night I compose, and in the morn cry out my gain.
Hafiz said, from breathing in dust of the tavern do refrain
Fault me not, this is the way that this aroma I regain.

Shahriar Shahriari,Los Angeles, Ca,April 2, 1999

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Rizwana Sharif